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The Ageless Citizen is one of four challenge areas within The Centre for Digital Citizens, an EPSRC funded project addressing the emerging challenges of digital citizenship.
Ageless Citizens
What do we mean by Ageless? Age may be a number, however, when we look deeper we may find that many of our ideas about age have been influenced by cultural stereotypes or associations with particular notions of self and identity.
Instead of looking at chronological age, as part of our Ageless Citizen Challenge Area, we aim to look through an ageless lens. We wish to unpack and challenge existing biases in digital technologies and systems and reframe opportunities for non-stereotypical understandings of age, learning and ability.
Ageless Citizen Team
Jayne Wallace Northumbria University Lead
Ahmed Kharrufa Newcastle University Lead

Areas we're Interested in Exploring
Shared spaces: If the digital economy is to meaningfully support citizenship both for an ageing population and also across the lifecourse, then it is necessary to identify ways in which technology may support generations to work with one another, to see connections between people regardless of age and to promote diverse contributions to society.
Whilst many projects explore how to support intergenerational relationships, we wish to look beyond the generational distinctions and through the lens of ‘agelessness’. Despite the attraction of intergenerational programmes, if these are the only programs of activity undertaken they can arguably reinforce ageism and risk homogenising people in older and younger groups.

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Find out more by having a chat with the Ageless Citizen Challenge Area leaders, Jayne and Ahmed, or contact Rachel Pattinson, Centre for Digital Citizens Manager.

If you have an idea you’d like the Centre for Digital Citizens support with, we’d love to hear about it!

Contact us or visit the Centre for Digital Citizens website for more information https://www.digitalcitizens.uk
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