Mariana's Song
Sensory cinema for people with advanced dementia.
Facilitated 1-1 by an expert artist, residents interact with props which tie in to 6 chapters of the film. Lighting, props, and music build the beautiful world of Mariana’s Song, as people explore for as long as they like.
The piece was developed in partnership with Woven Nest, a workshop-led theatre company, experts working with older people living in care homes. Delivered with a focus on non-verbal communication, Mariana’s Song is a bespoke experience guided by each resident, and so is different on every viewing.

Example Setup. Mariana's Song at The Laurels Care Home, 2021

Information for Residents and Families
We are running Mariana's Song workshops in care homes around Middlesborough and Redcar, and we are inviting residents and their families to take part in our research activity. By allowing the collection of fieldnotes, photos, and videos of your (or your loved one's) time using Mariana's Song, you can contribute to our understanding of how creative activities like this can best impact the lives of people with dementia, and how to better deisgn similar activities in the future.

Please contact Henry Collingham with any questions about taking part:
Unique Experiences
Mariana's Song has six chapters, which can be experienced in any order, for any amount of time, driven by residents' interaction with six bespoke props. Mariana's Song displays video, audio, and lighting to complement each chapter, for any amount of tine, until residents decide to explore another chapter.
The props reinforce residents' connection to the film, light, and soundscape, through embodied interaction and gestural exploration - engaging all the senses.
Below is a short trailer of the Mariana's Song film, which is shown to residents as they interact with the piece.
Mariana's Song has been supported by
Sunderland Culture
Public Health England
Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
Centre for Digital Citizens (UKRI EPSRC Project Code EP/T022582/1)
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